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What do Lutherans believe, anyway?

September 28, 2010

Class is in session with Lutheranism 101

Whether you’re a lifelong Lutheran, a newcomer to the faith, or someone interested in learning what Lutherans believe, Lutheranism 101, a new book from Concordia Publishing House, explains what Lutherans believe, teach and confess. With a popular and fun style, the book breaks down major theological concepts into easy-to-read articles, charts, bullet points and even comics.

Pastor James Wetzstein, university associate pastor at Valparaiso University, contributed Agnus Day lectionary comic strips which are humorous additions throughout the book.

“The only lectionary comic on earth is a part of our book, helps our presentation, and really gives you an interesting look at Lutheranism,” said the book’s CPH editor Scot Kinnaman.

With Lutheranism 101, readers have the opportunity to learn the Lutheran perspective on God and His Son, faith and belief, heaven and hell, church and fellowship, sin and forgiveness.

“To have this kind of information available is a blessing for the Lutheran churches around the world.” commented LCC president, Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee.  “When I saw that the book also included a website address, where ongoing material is posted, I thought every congregation should have this link on its website.”

Beginning now through Reformation Day (October 31st) customers receive an introductory Web-only price of $14.99US. Some congregations are buying a copy for each family to keep or share with neighbours and friends.

“Lowering the price of Lutheranism 101 is one of our ways of giving back to the Church. We realize that this is an essential resource that’s needed for today’s ministry and practical living,” CPH president and CEO Dr. Bruce Kintz said.

Visit the website at to tell us why you’re a Lutheran.  Visit to order your copy (at the special Web-only price) today.

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