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Is Jesus the Lord of your time?

September 24, 2010

While the prices of precious metals skyrocket, another rare commodity also faces pressure—our time. Our lives are often scheduled to squeeze the most out of every day and that attitude can lead to reduced time for our spiritual life and health.

In a two-part online video Bible study, LCC president, Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee discusses the gift of time and its sacred use. Recorded as part of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church’s 100th anniversary weekend in New Hamburg, Ontario, “Jesus, Lord of my time?” puts God’s gift of time into context.

President Bugbee discusses how we use God's gift of time

The congregation included the presentation in its anniversary weekend because,“as a congregation, we have been blessed to celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness to us for a time of 100 years,” explained Pastor David Gallas. “We thought it good to reflect scripturally on the gift of time and its proper use.”

Beginning with the Eternal God’s relationship to time, the president then explores God’s gift of time and how our sinfulness has “polluted” it. However, by “invading our time” in the person of Jesus Christ, His Son, God has redeemed time and so we respond to this loving action with its sanctified use.

The study includes specific actions to help the viewer think through the use of time as it relates to public worship, our devotional life, commitments, and building the Body of Christ. A PDF study guide is available for download.

Pastor Gallas explained how the presentation reminded members of the congregation that “God has given us time as His gift and it can be either abused or used properly” He said the best use of time begins with God’s Word, spending time in weekly worship, Bible study, and a daily home devotional life, all of which should lead us to repentance and faith in Christ. “No matter how old the congregation or the individual, we all need to be reminded again and again of the importance of time spent in the Word” he concluded. 

The video and study guide are available at

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